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Welcome to the virtual home of Joseph Lewis, a US-based tech writer with 20+ years of experience.

I am a skilled writer who has contributed to a wide range of technology publications. I also create content for companies that want to get their message out on the Internet without seeing it drowned by millions of competing blogs.

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Read a few of my articles below. Other industry-specific samples are available upon request.

spee up wifiHow to Speed Up Your Wi-Fi Connection

If you feel that web browsing has slowed down to a crawl, your wireless Internet connection may not perform as it should. Here are a few tips which will improve connectivity and boost Internet download/upload speeds.

Many buildings use metal and concrete structures, and these materials are known to reduce Wi-Fi signal strength significantly. According to George Hardesty, CEO at, each concrete wall reduces the strength of the 2.4GHz signal by 6-8 dB, and the value doubles for the 5GHz band. So, if the signal has to travel through three consecutive walls, it will be reduced by about 21 dB, which means that only about 10% of it will reach the destination.

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create websiteHow to Create a Website from Scratch

Creating a website is much easier than you think; just follow the steps below and I guarantee that you will end up owning a site you will be proud to call your own. Any website needs a unique domain name, which is relevant and easy to remember. When you buy a domain name, it's as if you rented a house. You will need to renew the "contract" each year; otherwise, you will lose the domain name, and somebody else may buy it.

So, how do you pick a suitable domain name? Sites such as and can make the task very easy. Just type in one or two words that describe your business properly, such as "organic tea", and you will get a list of relevant suggestions, which include domain names like,, etc.

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cyber securityHow to Keep Your Computer Virus-Free

Just like in real life, it is always much easier to prevent viruses from entering your system, rather than remove them. So, follow these simple steps to ensure that your computer stays virus-free.

Begin by installing an antivirus application. Don't choose a free one, though, because it will miss several important features, and thus leave your computer exposed. Search Google for "best antivirus" and you will find lots of results like this one: Read several articles, and then purchase a product that looks good to you. And if you can't afford to pay for an antivirus, use Windows Defender, Microsoft's security software that comes bundled with any Windows 10 installation kit.

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Content Writing Guides

Want to create good website content and digital marketing campaigns by yourself? If you answered yes, do yourself a favor and read these simple, and yet highly effective content guides.

write articlesHow to Write Articles Like the Pros

If you want to build a powerful brand, you need to learn how to write persuasively. Read this article to discover how you can transmit a message that will have a powerful impact on customers, boosting loyalty and sales.

Allow me to state the obvious: you can't become a fantastic writer overnight. You will need to practice a lot, but there are a few strategies that you can use to improve creativity and style.

Your articles should have a clear purpose. While you may want to create and publish blog posts because you want to increase sales, your website visitors have their own agenda. Some of them don't trust you yet, so they aren't prepared to buy your stuff. And some of them are only looking for answers to their questions.

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content marketingBeginner's Guide to Content Marketing

In layman's words, content marketing is the process of creating, and then publishing valuable content that resonates with your audience. The key idea is to create content which helps people solve personal or business-related problems, with the goal of positioning yourself as an industry leader.

Content marketing helps you educate potential leads, highlighting the most pressing issues that they may face, and then providing the best solutions. Resist the temptation to promote your products and/or services, though; content marketing is all about educating people, not about selling stuff to them. While content marketing can help you attract new clients, it will also help you keep existing customers happy.

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press releaseSimple Steps to Write a Press Release

Press releases have always played a key role in most companies' promo strategies.Here are a few important tips that will help you write effective press releases without effort.

Let us start with the basics: when should you send out a press release? Many companies use press releases to announce a new line of products and services, business milestones, partnerships, company events, etc. Basically, you want to write a press release when you want to announce something that's newsworthy.

Then, what should your press release include? According to, you should start with a powerful headline which highlights the main news point. Then, move on with an attention-grabbing lead that keeps the readers hooked.

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